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Technology today is so advanced that it has virtually created a “Man Made” second skin, so it is porous, allows ventilation to the scalp and sweat/water to flow through. With NSG there are 3 main foundations, Mono, Poly & Combo and it’s best to discuss with your professional which is best suited for you.

Yes, you can absolutely shower with your NSG. In fact, you can go on with your normal daily routine. Shower, swim, play sports, etc. There are virtually no limitations.

On average we suggest 1-2 systems a year, depending on lifestyle changes such as sports and color changes you may want. A lot depends on maintenance and how you care for your hair.

Once fitted correctly the hair system will be a snug fit and extremely comfortable to the point of not feeling any attachment whatsoever and there will be very little to no irritation when the correct system and adhesive method is applied. This will be covered thoroughly during the consultation with your professional.

Typically, your professional will take a mold defining the area of your hair loss concern, and customize the NSG unit to accurately replace this area. This can be done in house and if your stylist has the correct NSG unit available it can be achieved in 2-3 hours.

Typically, most units on the market today are mass produced, sometimes giving an unnatural appearance however with NSG, the hair quality is so soft and manageable that it looks, feels and behaves like a natural head of hair rendering it completely undetectable.

Yes, the general rule of thumb is you can use any products but preferably ones that are water soluble and don’t have any harsh agents or chemicals. However, we recommend to always consult with your stylist as to which products are best.

NSG can come in any length but typically any hair over 4-6 inches needs to be custom ordered and can take between 90-120 days.

This will vary from client to client, due to a lot of variations such as lifestyle, environment and skin factors such as oily or dry skin, but a good standard time frame is 2-6 weeks. A lot also depends on how you maintain the hair. Sweat, water, and oils may break down the adhesive, if this happens it is a clear indicator that you should make an appointment with your professional for maintenance. However, this will be comprehensively covered in your consultation.

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